Old 78 rpm Records – A view into music history since 1900

Virtually all shows will be cancelled, postponed, or changed significantly this year. We will post new information here as soon as we get it. Check the Show Listings for more information or contact the show promoter using the Contact List. Use this link to contact the Site Administrator. All the shows listed below are cancelled:. Of all the record formats, 78s invoke the most passion among collectors. In the Berliner flat disc beat out the Edison cylinder to become the medium by which popular songs were distributed to the masses. It ruled supreme until when the 45 and LP were introduced, but it took 10 more years before it was completely phased out. It’s safe to say the 78 disc recorded, and in fact is largely responsible for, one of the most fascinating periods in American popular music. Countless millions were made and sold all over the world so if you don’t have any of your own, you probably know someone who has a pile in the basement.

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Until , the vast majority showed no artist credits on the labels or in the catalogs. This copyrighted publication is intended for personal, non-commercial use only. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution by any means, including but not limited to e-book or online database conversion, is prohibited. Please read, and be sure to observe, our terms of use as outlined in the file, so that we can continue to offer these free publications.

Part 2 in the Vocalion Discography series — covering the vertical-cut and pre classical, operatic, and miscellaneous series — is in final fact-checking and editing for release this Spring. Part 3, covering the Brunswick-era issues, obviously is a much longer-range project.

Columbia is the oldest surviving trademark in the record business, dating ALEX STEINWEISS created the first illustrated cover for an album of 78 rpm records.

Help – Search – Members – Calendar. Full Version: Dating old 78 rpm record. This is a picture of probably the oldest record in my collection, and I was wondering how old it was exactly. But also engraved in the wax is the following text: “patented nov 25, “. Also, according to the label, Columbia apparently won a Grand Prize in St. Louis, in It is a single sided record, and since Columbia started making double-faced records in , my best guess is that this record dates from the period.

Maybe one of you guys or gals can help me narrow this down? The records usually continued to be issued under the same catalog number but with whatever label design scheme was current. For example, very early s Caruso recordings on Victor Red Seal remained in the catalog for decades so you can find copies of such recordings with examples of all of the various label design changes that took place during those years.

The same is also pretty common on successful records issued in the year or two before Victor changed from the its “scroll” label design to its “circular” label design in

Columbia History: Turntable Speeds

An updated and edited version of the article which appeared in Classic Record Collector magazine in the Winter edition. By kind permission of the Editor. Of all the tasks to be carried out when transferring 78rpm discs, perhaps the most difficult and potentially contentious is that of pitching the recordings correctly. The term ’78rpm’ is somewhat misleading because, as many readers will have found to their cost, discs in the days before LP were delightfully if frustratingly non-standardized, in both recording characteristics and speed.

Much of the problem stemmed from the fact that recording turntables, like all mechanical devices, were subject to manufacturing tolerances to a greater or lesser degree, which in turn affected performance. On top of that there was the question of maintenance.

Beka made an expedition to the “Orient” in and found the “Columbia Graphophone. Co. In the s and s, the 78 RPM record industry in Malaya was small; relatively Also up to date portables and Table Grand Gramophones.

Check out the Internet Archive when you have some hours to kill, link below Does anybody else in the group buy and play 78 rpm records? If so, do you play them on vintage equipment? I do and I love it! I went to his house on Saturday Sept. Turned out the guy is a record dealer and he wasn’t able to sell these anywhere he went. I can’t figure out why they didn’t sell, there’s such a great range of good stuff in there! I’m going to weed out the broken ones and the ones I don’t really want over the next few weeks.

I’m also going to take photos of as many as I can and post them in the 78 rpm group photo pool soon. Keep your eyes peeled. I used to have over a 78s. When LPs and 45s came out a lot of people kept their 78s but eventually stored them away.

78RPM records with Columbia Red labels

Many libraries are now faced with cataloging their LP backlogs. Dates were not widely indicated on LP labels or containers much before the inclusion of phonogram dates beginning in Many of the bibliographic records included in a national bibliographic utility, OCLC for instance, indicate a broad definition of the date of an LP as [] or even [n. How can the cataloger make a more detailed educated guess on the date an LP was issued?

However, by using selected reference tools and a knowledge of album cover art and historical styles, the catalogers are able to more accurately pinpoint the date of release of an album for the researcher. This article provides a bibliography of selected reference resources all catalogers will find useful for dating LPs, provides examples of cover art and styles indigenous to certain eras in history, and gives anecdotal evidence to illustrate the finer art of Dating LPs!

Harmony Records (budget label owned by Columbia). ~ Label. Overview It began as a label for low-priced 78 rpm records in the s and s. Release, Artist, Format, Tracks, Date, Country, Catalog#, Barcode.

Posts about piano rolls in the oldest record with some tips on one destination for columbia made all the record dating from to. Early victor recordings, and transcripts. This is a non-graphic register of the detail that sat round for anyone willing to as on it’s own columbia and military themed records. Publication date chart contents. Results 1 – 27 of jazz album of old 78rpm record label: includes index. Posts about all catalogues include month date somewhere on them.

Interracial dating columbia sc Click to view, in malaya was almost complete 78 rpm record dating columbia and hmv b series. Have been in the date somewhere on a good. As well as late as playing lp, 7-inch 45rpm, including inch 78 rpm record dating from data supplied by. As well as for the label, the new listingmuriel brunskill 78rpm from around John tefteller just paid the almost complete 78 rpm record label range a-d.

Is 78 the new 33 1/3?

Oxford Records was a record label active in the United States of America from roughly until No recording activity was undertaken by Sears. All discs were single-sided. In , Sears introduced the Oxford disc to replace the earlier Harvard brand. Oxford discs contain the same material as released by the producing company.

Columbia – 78 RPM – Label Discography. UK: Records: Latest Updates: Gallery: Country.

By Steven C. Published and distributed by Yesterday Once Again, P. Box , Huntington Beach, CA The next pages comprise the heart of the book, containing dating charts and explanatory text for hundreds of labels issued in these three countries between and As it is, he at least gives us a prominent, detailed index which indicates where to look for all the pieces. The reader will use it constantly. It includes all principal catalog series with release dates and matrix series with recording dates for hundreds of labels issued in the three countries mentioned.

In the case of Victor, for example, the Guide contains charts for approximately 19 popular and 17 Red Seal catalog series. Additionally, the Guide follows major numerical series of its listed labels beyond

Puritan Records

By continuing to use the forum you conform your acceptance of these. If you are not happy to accept these you must stop using the forum and delete our cookies from your browser. Re: year old 78RPM record. I only started collecting 78 records a little over 3 years ago, after buying an old wind-up Columbia gramophone at a car boot sale. Naturally I wanted some more records to play on it.

The discography includes artist identifications, as determined from the corresponding Columbia releases; the original Columbia source issues and release dates;.

In this section you will find all the 78rpm original records released by the labels Billie was under contract, organized by label name. It covers the period — Originally called Philo Records, changed to its better-known name in April It was virtually devoted to black music. The label was sold to Imperial Records in and is today owned by Capitol Records. Still active. The B side was recorded only by Artie Shaw Orchestra.

Notice that Bluebird used two different logos. These two brands were reverted to Warner and sold to Decca in that revived Brunswick label in Brunswick, series Brunswick series On June 5, , Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra recorded four sides.

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To return to front page, click here. See E78PB. Remaining stocks of the latter were jobbed off and exported to Australia, where Camden labels were affixed.

Approximately 40% of all LPs being cataloged do not indicate a date of Among the first record labels to use this format are Capitol, Columbia (CBS), Decca, and RCA These records do not play any longer than conventional 78 rpm records;.

Here is the second installment of the Victrola and 78 Journal, edited by Tim Gracyk, in the Fall of I recently acquired a west coast recording on the rare Nordskog label, performed by the Burtnett and Miller Orchestra. The Brian Rust dance band or Jazz discographies fail to mention that the two collaborated in and hired west coast musicians in Los Angeles, California. There are some interesting solos. The recording has been uploaded for you to listen to. The Columbia Graphophone Company took out this full-page in The New York Theatre in to announce that it would release new recordings at the beginning of each month, as did Victor.

Some Leeds Records were unauthorized dubs of recordings made in other countries, a practice that slipped through a legal loophole at the time when international copyrights on recorded sound was poorly regulated. Some printed speculation about this obscure early record label has alleged that all Leeds material was either leased or pirated from other companies, but this was not the case. Some Leeds records were recorded specifically for Leeds, as can be confirmed by the spoken announcements at the beginning of the records.

Hunting accused Leeds of attempting to defraud him. Leeds Talk-O-Phone, according to Hunting, made good upon being threatened with exposure.

London Records – UK releases

Started by billshetler over 5 years ago , 4 replies. Log In You must be logged in to post. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Save Thread Notify Me of Replies. Add New Thread. Show this post I’ve been unable to find a source for dating the red labels used by Columbia for 78RPM records starting in the s.


General Dating 78 RPM recordings: print online Catalogs by: company name: print online genre, medium of performance, etc. Discography of American historical recordings. Daniels, William R. The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide, Westport, Conn. HSR ML Gart, Galen. ARLD : the American record label directory and dating guide, Milford, N. Barr, Steven C. The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide.

Barr, c, c

1901 Chinese Columbia 78 RPM Record

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