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Dust , a free-to-play PlayStation 3 -exclusive shooter set in the Eve universe, is shutting down. Developer CCP Games has announced that, after three years of operation , the game’s servers will be shut off May 30, A previously planned update, 1. Additionally, though you can continue to play Dust until that date, CCP will no longer sell any extra items both in-game or through the PlayStation Store. However, players with a stockpile of currency, Aurum, can continue to spend it on items in Dust ‘s in-game marketplace until the shutdown takes place in May. It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Dust will be shutting down. Today, CCP provided an update on it, saying its team in Shangahi is making progress on the protoype. Since this new game will be different from Dust although keeping many of its great parts , we will provide tiered recognition rewards to our loyal Dust customers; details to be announced.

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According to a letter from Executive Producer Brandon Laurino, August 21 will see the release of the Precursor beta build. This means that players on the PS3 will be able to communicate with their counterparts on the PC and Mac using real time chat and the in-game mail system as the two games will exist simultaneously on the same server. Easily the most exciting feature of the new update is the orbital strike support.

PlayStation Plus subscribers getting beta of Dust Strike framework, instant battle matchmaking, new environments, keyboard and mouse.

The 2. There are also improvements to the Matchmaking system, as part of an overhaul aimed at refining the balance and flexibility of the Battle Finder. All the changes will go toward improving the gameplay experience, but there are several entries in the 1. Utilising the modular nature of DUST ‘ s map layouts, the variety provided by layering interchangeable structures onto various base maps has been given further diversity to the available battlefields.

This includes infantry and vehicle paths, and how each path will access the three main entrances to the outpost. This is done by the level artist, who will optimize the Level of Detail settings for objects and lighting to increase performance. Player-run corporations can choose to purchase and build these surface infrastructures, providing benefits to their DUST mercenaries and EVE Online pilots. In the case of the Research Facility, the bonuses it provides allows clones to be moved a greater distance across the campaign map and reduces the rate of Starbase fuel consumption.

This change will provide a blessed relief from the Light Armoured Vehicle LAV rampages which saw many mercenaries run down and killed despite their supposedly state-of-the-art dropsuits. In a blog published on 22 August, Uprising 1. This means it is far more difficult to roadkill infantry, though not impossible. You just have to mean it more! Carmageddon re-enactors face a further challenge with the re-specced Swarm Launcher , which is the go-to anti-vehicle solution now due to the following changes:.

Introducing Dust 514’s Instant Battle Matchmaker

Nova, set in the same universe as EVE, is still in early alpha, and shows a bit of promise. Kotaku was given the chance to sit down and play Project Nova at the show. Unfortunately for Dust , it was released exclusively for PlayStation 3 just six months before the release of the PlayStation 4. Since then, the small but dedicated player base has been hoping for another chance to see their War Clone super soldiers in combat once again.

Dust was a complex, massively multiplayer FPS that shared real time Players will join PvP as groups of four, either via matchmaking or.

With what we know up to now, it may be possible to make some educated guesses to these questions. In order to understand this event we must have context for the time surrounding it. Tensions were high ; the game had been launched less than a year previously and since then the game was an unmitigated disaster. Many of the features promised for the game were nowhere in sight , and what we had was a buggy shooter that would be barely competitive in , let alone The community was upset, but still passionate.

The energy going into this announcement was through the roof; people expected, and were promised a big announcement that would turn around fears about this dying game on an antiquated console. Many people who were in the audience that day had Dust as the only CCP game they played. They differentiated themselves from most of the other Fanfest attendees in being predominantly console gamers. Instead, they were informed they were being replaced. With all of the passion surrounding the keynote of , much of the information imparted was lost.

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I play games to have fun even if its fewer games , entertain myself in some way and quite possibly find some distraction from the worries of RL. Quite possibly we all do that. In such I call myself a Focus Gamer in what few games I tend to play with just more focus.

Introducing Dust ′s Instant Battle Matchmaker – ​/08/30/introducing-dusts-.

However, many gamers are unaware of just how deep and badass this rabbit hole is. EVE is a universe of solar systems which has evolved over 10 years to become a thriving digital industrial community in space that is , subscribers strong. There have been games that have allowed PC and console gamers to play together, but in these cases both are playing the same game; they were just cross platform. One of the most impressive technological feats is the super server the games run on.

Within those regions the players are further separated into different servers or instances. Even though millions might be playing the same game, they are often disconnected from each other.

Dust 514 Review Week 1: Choppy Waters

CCP’s upcoming persistent first-person shooter DUST will require a cover charge from PlayStation 3 players, with the fee refunded as in-game currency. The unusual approach is part of the developer’s plan to help manage the roll-out of the highly-anticipated title, where consequences in the console game will have an effect on PC virtual world EVE Online, and vice-versa. We might go fully free-to-play down the line, but in the beginning we have a cover charge just to manage the initial launch of it.

He added: “We have always been a big believer in growing up a social network behind the game in a slow and predictable way.

This means Dust on PS3 and EVE Online on PC/Mac will be Instant Battle Matchmaking – Players will be able to find their friends, form.

The game tries to deliver an immersive, epic experience, but CCP has a long way to go. EVE players and DUST players use the same server and inhabit the same universe, able to join the same in-game corporations and chat rooms. DUST has a way of making your specific loadout feel unique, and a lot of the fun comes from the depth and breadth of the items you have to tinker with. But experimenting with your gear feels fun and exploratory, not frustrating. Additionally, a sprawling skill tree adds a rewarding path through the firefights and helps further differentiate your character from the pack.

Learning the finer details–how everything really works–takes some trial and error. The parts where the shooting gets particularly interesting is when that colossal item metagame comes creeping into it. This adds tension to each encounter, and a sick satisfaction when you take another player down. With a heavy focus on gear and skill progression, new players face a significant disadvantage in this game. Going up against veteran players should remind you that have a long way to go to get to their level, but in DUST , it feels like being a lamb led to slaughter.

Against their powerful equipment, new players are toast. But in matchmaking?

CCP welcoming past ‘Dust 514’ players back with free stuff

Human beings are hunters at heart. We were hunter-gatherers well before we invented computers, after all. And what better place to practice our ancestral instinct than in a MMO shooter where we can stalk, pounce upon and kill our prey so that we can safely and legally experience the thrills and complexities of the hunt. Of course, part of this excellence comes with the assumption of a fight between two equally matched combatants; it would seem that our ancestors, too, preferred a fair fight.

Dust ‘s next beta update has been detailed and dated. space, plus faster matchmaking, squads, new environments, keyboard and mouse.

Remember Me? What’s New? Results 1 to 1 of 1. CCP Rattati here to inform you of the latest changes to matchmaking. For many players this is a difficult transition, and in many cases, overwhelmingly frustrating. We have also taken steps to make sure that veterans with secondary characters do not enter the Academy again, to minimize the skill disparity between players. That means that the spread of skill has reduced for every battle, high skill players fighting high skill players, and vice versa, greatly reducing the number of battles where new players are up against unfair odds.

Combined with the Teambuilder logic improvement added last fall, we are certain that our Public Contracts battles are now as balanced as possible, where players are matched on skill after getting the necessary training and protection in the Academy.

Cosmic Void – Dust 514 – Matchmaking sometimes works!

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