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Ashton You finish washing the dishes and go to find your boyfriend who came over for dinner. You find him in your room on your laptop, and you assume he’s tweeting his fans. You love the way he cares so much about them, even those he’s never had the opportunity to meet yet. They’re really like family to him. He switches the screen before you can see and you eye him suspiciously. Calum You and Calum are almost back to your flat. You two decided to eat out for dinner and you had decided to dress up a bit and wore heels, so your steps were a little more cautious than they normally would have been so that you wouldn’t fall.

6/10 — Luke Hemmings Imagine: I let her go

It had more to do with the fact that you longed for a boyfriend so much that it started to become painful to watch your friend and Luke being all lovey-dovey together. The thing was; you just wanted someone to hold you at night. Someone with strong arms and a soft smile, someone who could make you laugh when you were in the most grumpy state, someone to know when to talk to you and when to just hold you in silence.

imagine You’re a famous singer and you’re dating Luke.”.

If there was ever a time for an album titled CALM to get released, it’s now — and thankfully 5 Seconds of Summer was the band to do it. After their smash-hit single “Youngblood” stole summer , the band went on the massive Meet You There tour and formulated their next artistic era. Led by the release of their comeback single “Easier” in , the new direction the band seemed to be following was just as kinetic as the rollouts for their previous albums, including their self-titled record and Sounds Good Feels Good.

The music video for the lead track was sweat-soaked and shrouded in mystery, with band members up to their necks in cooling guitar riffs and literal pools of water. The next single to drop, “Teeth,” flipped the cool-as-ice attitudes band members brandished on “Easier” upside down; fronted by sly pop battle cries, thumping bass guitars and backed by a clinking drum hit throughout, it is an abrasive alarm for stans to prep themselves for the slew of new material coming their way.

Now, with their newest album CALM officially out in the world and debuting at number one in the UK, the band is ready to introduce fans to a new energetic catalogue. Tracks like “Wildflower” and “Not in The Same Way” stand out as expertly written songs representing the peaks and valleys of love for a generation grappling with ways to show true affection.

Clearly, not every song is as abrasive and loud-mouthed as “Teeth,” with “Old Me” taking the front seat for easy listening and reflection. CALM is an album less concerned about being just one thing, and more concerned with showing off the band’s diverse songwriting and sonic abilities.

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Just one! He had caught you and your boyfriend, Ashton doing something you would have never wanted your brother to catch you doing. No hooking up with or dating one of his band mates if you came on tour with them. You respect your older brother and hate to disappoint him but Ashton was worth it. You better keep your mouth shut.

Read you like each other but hes dating someone else from the story 5SOS Preferences by audreyhawes_ (audrey) with reads. prefrences, 5sos. Part 1: Luke: You also feel strangely happy just because he’s sitting close to you.

This is so bad. I had been friends with them for a long time but only recently, while I had crashed their tour because they let me, had I started hooking up and hanging out with Ashton, only it was a secret so shh. I shuddered. A minute later and he seemed satisfied enough to get out and let me get out too.

I really should have been better at that at that point. I jumped.

5sos imagine he’s dating someone else

Thanks for reading and supporting Check Frequently asked questions click here List of all preferences click here 5-secondsofpreferences twitter click here Co-Writer Application click here. Ashton: You went to the venue with Michael, since you both had been up late. Ashton said he’d meet you at the gate of the venue. Walking through the crowd of fans outside the hotel.

Someone had screamed out whore, everyone just looked at her. You’re a whore.

5sos Preference – Another Member Tells You He Likes You Luke: Luke, Michael, “No I can’t be dating, if I have a crush on someone it isn’t fair to the person I Ashton asked, while you and Luke smiled at each other like idiots. “When he is about to say bye to her we should tell her or get him to tell her.

Writer of imagines, Friend to all, and Creator of her own world. Here is the after the wedding for 5sos! Remember requests are open! Being a newlywed was difficult especially when your husband was an international music star who was constantly needed for this or that. This was what the two of you were currently arguing about.

You sigh as Ashton puts his jacket on. He walks over to you and puts his hands on your arms rubbing up and down. Three hours, Ashton had been gone for three hours. You were sitting at the table sipping a glass of wine from the bottle given to you by your parents when you heard the front door open. Management decided they needed to tell me everything that had happened and was going to happen at that exact moment.

Ashton stood there in silence, unsure of what to say. He never knew that you felt like he was always putting management first. He of course had never really noticed what he was doing but now that he was thinking back on it, he realized that he had put what management wanted or needed above your relationship.

10 times 5SOS guitarist Michael Clifford was too wholesome for the world

Give me a pair of wings and a wand and my dreams will come true. They were really nice! I shrug, taking the magazine back and letting my eyes scan the pages. He rolls his eyes, pulling my legs over his. He trails off, his eyes falling to his hands.

Tonight Calum promised he would take you out on a date so that you two could He’s trying to act like the victim here, but you aren’t having it. that the man is now on the ground beside you and someone else is on top of him. ‘5 Seconds of Summer frontman, Luke Hemmings, doesn’t show for Today.

As fans brace themselves for possible all-out war between the former lovebirds, Daily Mail Australia take a look back at the ups and downs of Luke and Arzaylea’s ill-fated relationship. Australian rocker Luke met YouTube sensation Arzaylea at a party thrown by Kylie Jenner in honour of her sister Kendall’s 18th birthday in August Arzaylea nabbed a spot on the coveted guest-list thanks to her father’s business connections with Kylie’s then-boyfriend Tyga, while Luke scored his invitation thanks to the new-found fandom surrounding his band 5SOS.

The couple managed to keep their relationship relatively private for a number of months, before finally spilling the beans in October, when Arzaylea shared a photo of the pair kissing on Instagram. Spark of attraction: Australian rocker Luke met YouTube sensation Arzaylea at a party thrown by Kylie Jenner in honour of her sister Kendall’s 18th birthday in August Luke and Arzaylea wasted no time in flaunting their relationship online and were spotted getting cosy at several concerts around Los Angeles.

While breakup rumours began to swell, they were soon quelled when the couple were spotted leaving The Nice Guy in Los Angeles looking loved-up as ever. In December , Luke spoke candidly about the toll his career was taking upon his love-life.

let it be — You’re His Sister & Secretly Dating Another Band…

This was typical you two would spend a lot of time together whenever you two could. And today was no different. He told you yesterday that he would visit you, but you decided that you would do something different today then greet him at the door. Ashton let himself in and knew that he had to be careful, since you would have the habit surprising him and scaring him whenever you could.

He would do the same to you, since you two have done this forever, since you were both kids.

Someone Else ~ Luke Hemming Imagine ~ Luke’s POV ~ I knocked on and my feelings I lost from not talking or seeing Y/N often have returned, and playing with his fingers and he is in love with they shy clingy reader?

You’re scrolling through your mentions again, seeing nothing but hate when Luke walks in. You try to hide your tears from him but he’s not fooled. He comforts you and later you see that he tweeted “I thought you guys were my fans. If you can’t be happy that I’m happy, you aren’t real fans. Lauren and I are happy together and I hope you can see that.

So if you’re just going to continue to hate on her, you can leave. K Fashion. Luke Hemmings. Punk Rock.

True love ( 5sos imagine)

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